Who We are

NRB Islamic Life Insurance Ltd. is emerging as one of the leading full-fledged Islami Life Insurance Companies in the country in order to bring confidence among the common people of the country. We are aiming to be the premier Islami Life Insurance company in Bangladesh within the next few years. We will serve the policy holders with utmost care and provide the best solution for their needs. We will be a company with due solemnity and corporate social responsibility to the society upheld by taking financial risks. Our mission is to Islamization of the economic activities in the country for the solidarity of the Muslim Ummah and to provide financial security to our valued participants Life Takaful policies that are most beneficial for their needs.

NRB Islamic Life Insurance Ltd. is registered & approved by Bangladesh Govt.

Company Regn No IDRA/Life 19/2021
Registration Date 06th May, 2021
Regn Certificate No C-170502/2021
eTrade License No TRAD/DSCC/060310/2020
eTIN No 831445523799
BIN No 004210409-0201